About Bodybuilder Monster Pecs


Some words about me:
My ideal type of man is big, preferably "bear style", with mustache and/or beard, if he has a hairy chest it's definitely a plus. Bodybuilders welcome! 
I am not into bars or night life. I've never drunk alcohol, tried drugs or tobacco. I don't even have a single tooth decay. I am very healthy and HIV negative.  Believe it or not I am still virgin (anal). I am into arts, cultures, sciences and technologies.

I got a degree with honors in Communication Science from the National Autonomous University of Mexico when I was 20 years old and currently I work in a natural health products company as a salesman. 

My height is 5'9, 220 pounds, 07% body fat, 20 inches arms, 32 waist, 58 chest, huge bubble butt, single bodybuilder: I practice 5/6 days per week.
I enjoy living with my parents, now they are like my kids, they are my best friends. I love to write novels, to travel, go to the movies, watching horror, fiction, science, romantic and adventure movies. 
I am available for posing for pictures as bodybuilder in order to make donations for "The Last wish C.A." (MUDAC. Civil Association), which is a foundation to help children with terminal cancer.
Thanks for your attention!
Fast facts

Age: 28 years old.
Height: 5 ' 10 "/ 1.78 m
Weight           : 220 lbs / 99.8 kg
Waist: 32 inches / 81.28 cm
Chest:            54 inches / 137.16 cm
Arms: 19.5 inches / 49.53 cm
Forearms. 16 inches / 40.64 cm
Calf:   17.0 inches / 43.18 cm
Body Fat: .0 %


My mission in the world


People are reasonless, illogical and self-centred.
Love them anyway.
If you do good, people will accuse you of being selfish, of having other motives.
Do good anyway.
If you are successful, you will get false friends and true friends.
Be successful anyway.
The good you do will be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway.
What you spent years building can be destroyed in one night.
Build it anyway.
People really need help, but can attack you if you help them.
Help people anyway.
Give the world the best you have and they will kick you in the face.
Give the world the best you have anyway.

Some Q&A to know more about me

1. When you die, do you still need your organs such as heart, liver, corneas, etc.? if you donate them you will be giving life to others.
2.  Animals are like younger brothers/sisters, would you hurt your younger brother or sister? Why not take care of them?
3. Forgive, serve and love your entourage that's the way to find peace and satisfaction.
4. Why spend your money in drugs or alcohol? There will always be someone in your city to whom you will bring happiness if you give him/her something to eat.
5.  If your passion for your actions is strong enough the result will be guaranteed richness, abundance and excellence.
6. If you were about to die and God offered you one last chance, wouldn't you take it? Don't waste time and get frequently checked for cancer, hepatitis, diabetes and HIV.
7.  You will always get what you deserve. Would you play with someone feelings just to replace someone you have lost, just to satisfy your ego or to find approval or acceptance? Someone's heart is the holiest thing a human can possess.
8. If you had to repay your debt to your parents for what they have done for you, you wont have time enough in all your lifetime for it. Why not making it up by taking care of them during their last years of life like they did with you?
9.  Why wait until someone you care for dies to show him/her your love while you can do so now?
10.  When you give everything without expecting to receive something in return, do you realize you always receive much more than when you expected something in return?